Claudio Calestani


The beginning.

Creativity, harmony, unity, love for beauty and exclusivity are the
ingredients that have made unique work of Claudio Calestani as far back as 1995, when it opens
his first Atelier in Milan in Corso Venezia and then in Via Thaon di Revel 3.

True Love.

Here comes to life an important artisan production of jewelry and accessories, with a special emphasis on silver buckles for belts made. Each brings his creation itself the intrinsic message of true love towards his greatest passions such as rock music, the two wheels and the martial arts.

Big emotions.

Claudio Calestani always brings to life his greatest emotion in all its production, making it unique, timeless, without limits of concepts and content. Each of his works is a thought, a state of mind that comes from the heart, through the pencil to meet the sheet only to be by himself handmade. Each piece is unique.

Realize a dream.

Enter his atelier to Realize your own dream, a custom jewel, means Reach out and touch HIS Experience, SHARE and entrust Claudio your Wish and then left to mold and channel them, wearing a jewel timeless, without diktat imposed by the fashion of the moment, but rather by emotion.