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General sales conditions

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Claudio Calestani Angelo is a company under Italian law, registered at the Chamber of Commerce Industry Handicraft of Milan, P.iva. 04309880153 with registered office in 20161 Via Lisiade Pedroni, 28/1 Milan, Italy.

We work  with maximum transparency and, above all, in the respect of the rights of the consumer previewed from the current regulation, in particular, in the respect of the D.Lgs. n. 206/2005 (“Code of the Consumption”) and the D.Lgs n. 70/2003 (“Code of the Electronic Commerce”) and subsequent amendments.

General Information

The GSC are applicable to any purchase made through the website (“Site”).

We recommend that you read the GSC very carefully before ordering any product on the Site.

We remind you that the GSC, the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use govern the contractual relationship both with reference to the Site and with reference to the products sold through the Site itself.

For any doubt about your online purchases write to:, before continuing with navigation or at least later for any clarification.


The GSCs use the terms and definitions listed below or defined in other clauses of the GSCs. We recommend that you read them carefully so that you can make an informed online purchase:


  • “Site”: the term refers to the website;
  • “User or Customer”: the term indicates both the subject who navigates the Site and purchases the products present there and the subject who navigates the Site regardless of any online purchase;
  • “GSC”: the term refers to the general sales conditions of the Site;
  • “Cookie”: see Cookie Policy;
  • “Privacy Policy”: see Privacy Policy;
  • “Consumer Code”: the term refers to D.Lgs. 206/2005 and subsequent amendments;
  • “Consumer”: the individual acting for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out

Privacy and Cookie

Before you purchase on the Site and continue browsing, please read carefully our privacy policy.

Pre-contractual information

We inform you that, during navigation and before any online purchase, you have specific web pages containing, for each product, detailed information on:

  • used materials;
  • modeel:
  • total and final price of the product displayed not customized (so “standard” product), including the only shipping cost depending on the geographical area of destination;
  • terms of the right of withdrawal.

Acceptance of the GSC

Before purchasing the products online you must accept the GSC by selecting the specific box “I accept the general sale conditions Claudio Calestani, the UC and the Privacy Policy”, present before adding any product to the cart.

We inform you that in case of non-acceptance it will not be possible to purchase any product online and continue browsing.

Individuals who can buy online

Only persons over the age of 18 may purchase from the Site.

Registering and account Claudio Calestani

To use our services you can register on the Website and create your own personalized account. Please note that in order to register you must have an active e-mail address.

The data required for registration are:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • e-mail
  • Birthday

with this data you can create your account and a password, which we invite you to keep with the utmost diligence.

By accessing your Claudio Calestani account, you can select the registration to our newsletter that will keep you informed about all the news by Claudio Calestani.

Sales contract

The sale contract of the products is concluded in the following ways:

  • To order products you do not need to register on the Site. We remind you that in case of registration you can view at any time all your previous purchases and you will not have to authenticate each order/ purchase.

Before any purchase on the Site, you must carefully read the GSC, the UC and the Privacy Policy and that the respective boxes are checked for acceptance. If in doubt, write an e-mail to

  • After registration to the Site, you must check the box “I have read the information contained in my Claudio Calestani account” and confirm its correctness; This option will only be displayed when you first register and if your personal information is changed. By ticking the box you expressly authorize us to process both your personal data and the information contained in your account Claudio Calestani
  • Once you have chosen a product, to make the purchase you must select “Add to cart”;
  • After sending the order you will receive an order confirmation email with the summary of the following information:


  • technical description of the product;
  • price;
  • selected payment method;
  • terms of withdrawal;
  • shipping costs and any applicable taxes and/or taxes and/or other charges.

This e-mail will be automatically sent to the email address indicated in your Claudio Calestani account or to the one used for authentication.

You can modify your Claudio Calestani account and your purchase order by selecting the appropriate option.

If you do not have an account Claudio Calestani and you realize you have ordered a wrong product write us: , we will contact you to assist you in your purchase and replace the product ordered with a different one.

GSC verification

We periodically check the GSC, but it is possible that errors may occur, in which case, we will contact you immediately to ask for the order confirmation highlighting the error; in this case, in the absence of your express confirmation, the order will not be considered valid and will be cancelled

Prices and payment methods

We inform you that the prices indicated on the Site include IVA as per law and will be adapted to the Italian legislation in force.

Prices may change at any time, variations that will not be applied to orders already confirmed by Claudio Calestani.

Any additional taxes and/or any other applicable charges will be highlighted on the page describing the product.

Payments can be made exclusively through the circuits: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Diners, Masterpass, mybank, PyaPal, JCB.

We inform you that, in the event that, for any reason, we are not able to accept an order and/or a payment method we may, in our sole discretion, do not charge or return the price already paid with reference to the order within 5 working days of purchase.

The products purchased will be shipped only if after verification of the successful payment.

Before paying for your order, you will see a banner containing the following information:

  • technical description of the product
  • total price of the product;
  • shipping time and shipping cost;
  • terms of withdrawal: 14 days from receipt of the product;
  • if you have configured your product, we highlight that the image obtained and the related customizations, while recalling the product you selected and purchased, may not conform to the product you receive, being a mere three-dimensional image obtained digitally.

Authentication and authorization to pay by credit card

If the payment is made by credit card, the holders of the same may be subject to authentication, as well as a request for authorization.

Refusal to pay by credit card

In the event that the credit card issuer or the payment service provider refuses payment for any reason and does not authorise the payment transaction, Claudio Calestani can not be held responsible in any way for any delays and/ or failure to deliver the products ordered. In this case, before sending the products, Claudio Calestani reserves the right to verify the reasons that prevent the execution of the payment transaction and evaluate from time to time how to proceed.

Shipping costs and delivery times

We advise you to read carefully the following information, which describes in detail the timing and costs for the delivery of the products:

  • Italy: delivery cost is €30 and will take place within 2/3 working days of sending the goods;
  • Foreign countries: costs and delivery times vary depending on the destination country;
  • For countries outside the EU, the costs of customs clearance are borne by the customer;

We reserve the right to change costs and delivery times at any time, changes will not affect already accepted orders.

Other countries

If you intend to have products delivered to a country not listed, write to:, we will contact you to arrange special conditions.

Failure to deliver products

We are committed to respecting the delivery times indicated above, but we are not able to guarantee them, depending on other companies that are not part of our corporate structure. Delivery times must be considered as indicative and not binding for Claudio Calestani. In the event that the delivery of the products does not take place, for whatever reason, within thirty (30) days (calendar) of purchase, you can withdraw from the purchase contract and you will be refunded only any sums already paid.

Damaged products

By accepting these GSC you also accept the obligation to carefully check the products upon receipt, to verify the presence of any damage.

In case of damaged product before delivery, within 14 days of its receipt, you can return it and you will be delivered a new product, at the expense of Claudio Calestani, provided that the product has not been worn and/or used and/or damaged in any way by your use. Claudio Calestani reserves the right to evaluate the conditions of the product. If you have doubts about the terms of return of a damaged product, before making an online purchase on the Site, contact us by email at the following address: For example, in the case of hand-enamelled products, the return of the product for the loss of enamel due to wear or reckless use, such as having worn an enamel ring and having immersed in sea water, will not be considered valid.

Extraordinary events

We inform you that, except in the case of legal hypotheses, Claudio Calestani will not be responsible for the failure to comply with the obligations assumed with the GSC if any default does not depend on his will: by way of example and not exhaustive, natural disasters, measures of authority, wars, floods, explosions or insurrections, interruptions of computer or telecommunications services, defaulting of third parties, strikes.

Customizations and non-returnable products

We invite you to read this section of the GSC very carefully if you are interested in buying one or more customized products.

You can customize your product thanks to a particular function of the Site, called “Customizer”.

A customized product is characterized by the presence of details relating to the User, by way of example, the indication of dedications, dates, occasions, symbols. For this reason, a customized product, taking into account the customization, cannot be returned to Claudio Calestani and, therefore, your right of withdrawal will be excluded.

Making a custom product takes an average of thirty business days, but the actual time varies depending on the model and customization. The deadline will be highlighted when you confirm your order.

In this regard, we remind you that, with reference to products “made to measure or clearly customized” the right of withdrawal is excluded, in accordance with art. 59 lett. c) of the Consumer Code

Withdrawal and refunds

We inform you, if you are a consumer as defined by art. 3.1.a) Consumer Code (“natural person acting for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out”) and except as specified for customized products, that you can exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract and be reimbursed for any sums already paid.

In this case, you have the obligation to send a written notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to CALESTANI CLAUDIO ANGELO, with registered office in 20161 Via Lisiade Pedroni, 28/1 Milan, within 14 days from the day following the date on which the products were delivered to you. The costs for the return of the products – to the address indicated above – will be at your sole expense and risk, in particular, we invite you: (i) to adequately insure the Products you intend to return; (ii) to take all necessary measures for the storage of the products. All refunds will be processed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned Products and after verification of their integrity.


The contractual relationship will be managed exclusively, as well as all communications, in Italian. Our staff is able to manage Orders and in general the sales of Products also in English, but in case of doubt, communications in Italian will prevail.

Applicable law

The contractual relationship is regulated, interpreted and executed in accordance with Italian laws.

Applicable forum

Competent for the definition of any dispute with consumers arising from, or related to, these GSC and/or the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy is the court of the consumer’s place of residence or domicile, if located in the territory of the State. In any other case, including the circumstance in which the Customer is not a consumer within the meaning of the applicable legal provisions, the jurisdiction for the definition of any dispute will be exclusively devolved to the Court of Milan.

Completeness of the GSC

These GSC and the Terms of Use constitute the overall agreements for the purchase of the Products on the Site.


Any provision of the GSC which is declared null and void or impossible by any court or authority shall become ineffective before that court or authority but shall not render null and void any other term and/or condition of the GSC.


Any tolerance of conduct in violation of the provisions contained in these GSC does not constitute waiver by Claudio Calestani of the rights deriving from the provisions violated or the right to demand the exact fulfillment of all the terms and all conditions set forth herein.


For anything not expressly established, please refer to the Italian legislation in force.


Any communication addressed to Claudio Calestani must be made by email or in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, as determined by these GSC, at the following addresses:

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