Claudio Calestani



Only in the Rock area of Milan you can find the Claudius Calestani collection – and when you get there they’ll understand why – you will find various collections resulting from different influences, for man and for the woman, all in silver925, all handmade by Claudio Calestani




Your only and personalized jewelry

Since ancient times the human being has endeavored to keep alive a memory, a story that would otherwise be gradually to fade. Were painted the walls of the caves – thousands of years later, here the murals or graffiti, his own skin – become the worldwide phenomenon of Tatoo or Piercing, precious metals and stones, expertly worked by hand – the same as Claudio Calestani today designs and manufactures for its customers.



Wax model

Plaster cast

Fusion silver


Finishing touch

Burnishing and Polishing



Located in the district of transformations, where the word custom is often accompanied by a motorcycle, the artist Claudio Calestani manufactures special parts silver that tell your story. A Harley can become your HD with a special key. There are no limits.

Collection in atelier

Always new proposals for you or an original gift and certainly unique. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, knives and belts made with fine leather and buckles silver. The famous drawing Heart and Snake, different types of work and many variants.


A silver jewelry designed and made just for you, talking about you and your passions. The memory of a goal or an anniversary, a memory that finds its place near you, to be worn only at certain times or keep him all his life. The heart will guide you.

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